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Travel Analytics is the leader in the development of corporate travel reporting solutions. Organisations simply love our informative and user friendly dashboards which deliver accurate insights into the performance of their travel program; travel analytics will meet and exceed your expectations.


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Our user friendly and intuitive applications help organisations gain powerful insights into their travel expenditure, policy compliance, budgeting and purchasing decisions.

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When Accuracy Matters

Organisations expect data to be precise, however, it rarely is, especially when humans are involved. Travel Analytics is designed to detect and correct errors as data is imported into the application. This means humans can continue to be humans and we can focus on delivering accurate reports for your organisation.


Your Security is our Priority

Travel Analytics is hosted in Australia on Amazon Web Services cloud infrastructure. We provide row level security on all user accounts and enterprise token authentication (single sign-on), two-step and passwordless authentication is available out of the box.


Compliance Reporting

Most organisations want to know how effective their policies really are. All of our reports include details of non-compliant bookings, including traveller names, traveller selections and fare comparisons. And that’s just the start. We also provide the ability to track non-preferred travel expenditure and changes to bookings.


Manage Travel Expenditure

Travel Analytics provides the information you need to track and manage your expenditure. Summary, airfare, accommodation, rental car, transaction fees, ancillary and traveller expenditure are standard reports within the application. In addition, there are a host of other reports and metrics provided that give you the information you need to manage your expenditure.


Improve Productivity

Want your team to be more productive? We provide the ability to download professionally formatted review documents in a matter of seconds. With the click of a mouse, users can download raw data, including customer driven reference fields for all expense categories. This makes it simple for users to access data for further interrogation.


100% Independent

Travel Analytics stands alone as an independent reporting application. We integrate with data sources according to customer requirements. We currently integrate with some of the biggest players in the industry, including Amadeus, Sabre, Tramada, AOT and IATA.

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we do IATA data

IATA hot data is the ultimate source of airline travel data. Airline commissions, international and domestic flown revenue, domestic sector fares, fare basis and fare class data is just some of the data we can provide to you and your customers. Therefore, if you need to track the performance of your airline deals and revenues, contact us and we will show you how.

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